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New Issue of Border Crossing!

I’m excited to share the release of the latest issue of Border Crossing, the online journal I co-edit with Julie Brooks Barbour as part of our work with the Lake Superior State University creative writing program. As fiction editor, I’m especially eager to share the work of a Danish writer I discovered this year in translation:  Adda Djørup. The editorial board was blown away by Peter Sean Woltemade‘s English translation of her gorgeous, fabulist story “Hell’s Graces.” Djørup is the recipient of the EU Prize for Literature and a three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. The story originally appeared as “Helvedes gratier” in her 2015 story collection, Poesi og andre former for trods (Poetry and Other Forms of Spite). We are delighted to be able to present this deliciously strange story for the first time in English!

Another story you don’t want to miss in this issue is “Animals of the North” by the emerging environmental writer Christopher Ring! The Border Crossing editorial staff, last year, was moved by this story’s beautiful examination of the people and places of Baffin Island and of the colliding habitats of polar bears and grizzlies. In the interview featured alongside the story, Ring talks about his process for writing the story and his experience at Breadloaf Orion.

Years ago, when I was in graduate school at Louisiana State University, I read a gorgeous story in The Southern Review about a man who contracted malaria and fell in love with the woman in his fever dream. I loved it so much I wrote a paper exploring its surreal narration, its dreamy subjectivity. Imagine my surprise, five years ago, when we went to accept a dreamy story from the Border Crossing slush pile and realized it had been sent by none other than the author of “Malaria”: Mark Jacobs! “House of Flowers” is the third story of Mark’s we’ve had the honor of publishing. It’s a smooth, jazz-inspired riff about a man who moves into a dysfunctional boarding house in Syracuse.

The final story I want to share from the fall issue of Border Crossing, “Error_Code: 1072,” stood out to the editorial board, last year, for its vivid illustration of the anxieties of the Digital Age. J. Paul Ross has created both a literary fiction about a woman having brunch with her distracted family and a horror story about erasure…


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