Fairy Tale Book Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive these six autographed, collectible, fairy-tale-inspired books.

Wolf Skin, Mary McMyne's vintage-inspired, Brothers-Grimm-retelling poetry chapbook.Faery Tale, Signe Pike's moving, international fairy folklore memoir.The Fairest of Them All, Carolyn Turgeon's novel retelling Rapunzel and Snow White.The Chronicle of Secret Riven, Ronlyn Domingue's original, epic fairytale novel.Faerie Magazine #26, feat. fiction by Kate Forsyth and Joanne Harris and interview with Maria Tatar.Darling Hands, Darling Tongue, Sally Rosen Kindred's handmade, Peter-Pan-inspired poetry chapbook.
The Chronicle of Secret Riven, Ronlyn Domingue’s original, epic, fairy-tale-inspired novel.
Wolf Skin, Mary McMyne’s vintage-inspired, Brothers Grimm-retelling poetry chapbook.
Faery Tale, Signe Pike’s moving and elegant memoir exploring international fairy folklore.
Darling Hands, Darling Tongue, Sally R. Kindred’s Peter Pan-inspired poetry chapbook.
The Fairest of Them All, Carolyn Turgeon’s magical novel about Rapunzel and Snow White.
Faerie Magazine #26: fiction by Kate Forsyth and Joanne Harris, interview with Maria Tatar.

More On These Books

Fairy-tale scholar Maria Tatar called the world of Ronlyn Domingue’s The Chronicle of Secret Riven a “wonderfully inventive realm” and its title character “so powerful that we are both startled and enchanted as we tumble headlong into her world.”

Andrei Codrescu said the poems in Mary McMyne’s Wolf Skin “reanimate the ancient, tragic fairy-tale figures of Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel” in “marvelous prose-poetry stereopticons… stories to be truly chilled by, wolf hair by wolf hair.”

Harper’s Bazaar  praised Signe Pike’s memoir, Faery Tale: One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World, for its “distinctive voice and elegant prose” that captures “the hopefulness of childhood and the magic of believing.”

In a review for Strange Horizons, Lesley Wheeler praised the “lush, uncanny poems, such as ‘Notes from a Fairy Autopsy’ and ‘Naming the Never-Birds” in Sally Rosen Kindred’s Peter-Pan-inspired chapbook Darling Hands, Darling Tongue for their “dazzling fantasy.”

Library Journal said Carolyn Turgeon’s The Fairest of Them All “incorporates a sense of melancholy that adds an enormous amount of depth” to this “magic-sparked… fresh…” fairy-tale mash-up, which imagines Rapunzel growing up to become Snow White’s wicked stepmother.

Faerie Magazine #26 features whimsical articles on fairy-tale art, photography, travel, and fashion; humor and lifestyle columns; fairy-tale fiction by Kate Forsyth and Joanne Harris; and a fascinating interview with fairy-tale scholar Maria Tatar.

How to Enter

1. Log in to the giveaway below. Then choose an option to enter: you can tweet a message about the giveaway or connect with our authors on Twitter and facebook. Complete more than one option to earn extra points! a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. Deadline for all entries is 11:59pm ET, Monday, June 30th.

3. On Tuesday, July 1, one winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and announced here in this blog post, as well as in the comments. Entries will be checked for accuracy before a winner is confirmed. The official winner will receive an email with instructions on how to claim the prize!

4. The winner must claim the prize by July 7, 2014, midnight, ET.

5. U.S. residents only. Winner must use a non-P.O. Box address. Authors will mail books separately.


If you have questions about the giveaway, please e-mail Mary

9 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Book Giveaway

  1. I would love these books! Been tweeting away. Think I have a few new books to add to the reading list(win or not)! Good Luck to all! (edit, missed a word 🙂 )

  2. Thanks so much to everyone who entered the giveaway. Congratulations to Lissa S., who has been randomly selected by our giveaway software as the winner!

    Lissa, an email has been sent to the address you provided with instructions on how to claim your prize. We look forward to sending you your books!

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