Limited Pre-Order Campaign for THE BOOK OF GOTHEL!

The publication date for The Book of Gothel is coming soon–only three weeks to go–and the international pre-order campaign is live through the end of the month (while supplies last)!

The Book of Gothel is the secret history of Rapunzel according to the medieval peasant woman who would become known as the witch. The conceit is that the book is her memoir, written in ink on parchment in her own words. Read on if you’re looking for a way to get signed bookplates and other Gothel-themed accessories with your preordered copy. You can participate even if you’ve already ordered!

I’m so excited about the US finished copies, which arrived at my house recently, and which are absolutely gorgeous. Below is a sneak peek!

The dust jacket is beautiful, and look at that hardback! Doesn’t it look like a translation of a long-lost manuscript? I love the two-tone cover, and the pages even have deckle edges!

The preorder campaign includes the following incentives for those who order the novel early: 

  • A signed bookplate to put in your copy of the book when it arrives
  • The official Gothel bookmark from Orbit
  • A recipe card for a delicious baked good that is used in a ritual in the novel
Some of the goodies those who sign up will receive. Not pictured is the recipe card and a couple other details, which will be a surprise!

Because supplies are limited, pre-order incentives will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis. Pre-order the novel and sign-up now!

US Hardcover Edition
UK Paperback Edition

Sign-Up Form

I can’t wait to send these out at the end of the month, and I can’t wait for everyone to meet Haelewise!

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